• Property Management, better.

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  • Proposition

    Your Advantage

    Property Management, better.

    Our Property Management Platform is your business advantage. This is designed to enable you to better engage customers, increase your revenues, deliver rent optimisation and reduce your operating costs.

  • Platform

    World-Class Tech

    It starts with a coherent data model.

    Our Property Management Platform is built on Salesforce, the world's fastest-growing software platform. We focus on Property Management, leveraging the prebuilt logic of the leading cloud app infrastructure.

  • People

    Kunal Sharma

    Founder's vision delivered.

    My vision is to deliver the best Property Management Platform built on the world's fastest-growing software ecosystem: Salesforce. My team is here to solve your most compelling problems in Property Management.

  • Proof

    Customer Success

    A fast-growing real estate firm.

    "Vedi Technologies delivered for our business, where we are managing over 3,500 rental properties and growing."


    Adam Rigel


    JWB Real Estate Capital


  • Pitch

    Your Workshop

    Engage in a free 2-hour event.

    Let's schedule a 2-hour online Discovery Workshop to explore your biggest challenges in Property Management. We'll figure-out how we can work with you to deliver measurable value outcomes from our Platform.

  • Partners

    Platform, leveraged.

    Leading cloud technology and prebuilt logic.

    Design Thinking, applied.

    5-stage innovation method: people-first.

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    Property Management, better.